10G LR



The scope of this specification is the definition of a high performance, cost effective modules, which is optimized for 10G ELR SFP+, and transmission distance up to 20Km. The transceiver consists of two sections: The transmitter section incorporates a 1310nm DFB. The receiver section consists of a PIN photodiode integrated with a trans-impedance preamplifier (TIA).


Hot-pluggable SFP+ cable ends
Supports 9.95 to 10.5 Gb/s bit rates
RoHS-6 compliant(lead-free)
Power dissipation<1W
Maximum link length of 10Km
Single 3.3V power supply
Receiver limiting electrical interface
Commercial temperature range: 0°C to +70°C
Industrial temperature range: -40°C to +85°C
Duplex LC connector
Uncooled 1310nm DFB laser

Application/ Target Market

Compliant with SFP+ MSA
10Gbps IEEE 802.3ae
10GBASE-LR and 10GBASE-LW compliant

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