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400G ZR

400G ZR


This 400G QSFP-DD ZR DCO specifications based on DP-16QAM supporting extended C-band, polarization diversity coherent detection and advanced electronic link equalization.


● Support Flex-grid channel spacing DWDM in C-band

● Support Client-side Interfaces: 400GAUI-8

● Support Line-side DP-16QAM with CFEC

● Standard QSFP-DD type 2 form factor

● 76pin QSFP-DD MSA compliant connector

● Compliant to CMIS 5.0

● Compliant to OIF Implementation Agreement for Coherent CMIS, Rev 01.1 OIF-400ZR-01.0_reduced2.pdf

● RoHS compliant

Application/ Target Market

● 400G Enternet

● Datacenter

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